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ScanFlowStore helps you simply and efficiently create digital archives by scanning documents directly to a destination from your Xerox multifunction device.

Key features of ScanFlowStore:

  • Text-searchable PDF files are automatically created and easily retrieved.
  • No user interface (the software runs in the background) so no additional user training is needed.
  • Scan-to-email directly from the Xerox multifunction device.
  • Email notifications can be sent to recipients when a scan has been placed in a folder.
  • Scan-to-print for instant printing of a scan on a remote printer.
  • Multiple output allows you to scan to several destinations (folder, remote printer, email, etc.) at the same time.
  • PDF-to-PDF allows you to add scans to an existing PDF file.
  • Dynamic meta data gives the right routing and name to the text-searchable file for logical indexing and organization.
  • Bates stamp for guaranteeing the authenticity of a document.
  • Bar code processing (optional) routes documents based on information in a bar code printed on a document, great for batch scanning.
  • Real time two-way information directly from your Windows file structure and/or third party applications such as ERP/CRM/Financial database systems (with EIP-enabled devices only).
  • Personalized scan menus: Users can have their own personalized scan menu displayed on the Xerox user interface (with EIP-enabled devices only).
  • Encrypted, secure communication between the Xerox device and network (with EIP-enabled devices only).

ScanFlowStore helps you resolve these key challenges:

  • Wasting time and resources due to inefficient document filing methods.
  • Lost important documents due to a hardcopies lying around and inadvertently getting thrown out or misfiled.
  • Breakdown in security due to confidential or sensitive documents lying around the office.
  • Lost productivity of workers that must spend time searching through filing cabinets for needed documents.
  • Wasting time, paper, and toner to make copies of important documents to share with colleagues and/or customers.
  • High expenditures for couriers and long distance faxing needed to distribute important documents.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • ScanFlowStore is designed exclusively for Xerox.
  • Compatible with the most devices – over 40 Xerox WorkCentre Pro (including color-enabled devices) and Document Centre devices can be used with ScanFlowStore. The competition’s compatibility within their own product line is much more limited.
  • Easier purchase process than the competition because your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs.
  • Better customer service with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support.

Learn how ScanFlowStore can help your organization, contact us today.