Common Criteria Certification

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Xerox also specializes in securing the federal government’s systems and data by fully adopting the federally mandated Common Criteria Certification. The Common Criteria Certification means that clients have even more reason to be confident in security solutions from Xerox.

What is the Common Criteria Certification?
The Common Criteria Certification is a required assessment that ensures that all IT Systems and devices that the federal government and related agencies use are highly secure. During rigorous testing, accredited third-party laboratories objectively screen IT products for reliability, quality and trustworthiness.

Xerox: Embracing Security
Xerox is at the forefront of digital document technology and security. Xerox is committed to keeping your most critical asset- your confidential information- safe and secure. For example, one of the most critical security threats is the risk of intruders accessing your network through your multifunction system fax lines. Xerox is the only multifunction device manufacturer that has obtained third party assurance that fax and network lines separated.

Xerox: solutions that maximize productivity and security.

  • Embedded Fax: Stops unauthorized access to the device through the fax subsystem because it is internally separated from network functions.
  • Image Overwrite: Electronically eliminates data processed to the hard disk during print, scan, or e-mail operations by overwriting the data repeatedly.
  • Secure Print and Device Access Password Protection: Print jobs are held until a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is entered at the device to prevent unauthorized access to documents. Likewise, Settings cannot be viewed or changed without a personal identification number.
  • Removable Disk Drive Accessory: The removable hard drive can be physically extracted and stored for the highest level of security.
  • Network Authentication: Restricts user access to scan functions, e-mail, and network fax features until network user names and passwords have been validated.
  • IP Address Restriction: Specific IP addresses can be designated to control communications with specific network clients.

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