New Xerox Canada Graphic Communications Case Study: Marquis Books

Reading a Book

Xerox Canada has partnered with Marquis Books, one of the largest book printers in North America, to help them become more competitive, more efficient and offer increased services to their clients thanks to the Xerox iGen150.

The printing industry today is rapidly evolving and changing, thanks to the growing need for print-on-demand, short-run print jobs and quick turnaround times. Marquis understood that they needed to innovate and adapt to these industry changes to keep their competitive edge. The Xerox iGen150 proved to be the perfect solution to enable Marquis to diversify their print offerings to clients while also reducing maintenance costs, increasing efficiency and increasing production.

“At Marquis, innovation is a necessary step and has been part of our DNA for several decades,” says Ian Larouche, Marketing Director at Marquis. “Xerox allows us to meet this challenge with short-run printing technologies, without compromising quality and with more flexibility than traditional printing.”

Read the new case study here.