Green IT

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly valued in today’s world. As your local Xerox partner, we are ready to you find and implement ways to reduce your organization’s environmental impact through enhanced electronic document management, paper-saving initiatives and energy efficient technologies.

Save money, Save the Environment

The same measures used to cut waste and increase office efficiency can also save your company money and directly improve your bottom line.

How Green is Your Printing Environment?

Download this free brochure from Xerox, and start taking your first steps to Corporate Social Responsibility. How Green Is Your Print Shop?

Solid Ink Printing

Solid ink printers use ink sticks that are completely cartridge-free, use minimal packaging and significantly reduce waste. In addition to these environmental benefits, solid ink printing features:

  • Low acquisition cost
  • Superior quality
  • Superior speed over most office printing alternatives
  • Quality, low-cost consumables
  • Easy to use
  • Brilliant Color Printing

To learn more about solid ink printing, please see our solid printing whitepapers.

To learn how to reduce expenses of printing by up to 30%, request your document assessment today.