What Can Digital Print Offer to the Creative and Design Communities?

Written by Paul Miller World Wide Marketing Manager, iGen Product Family, Xerox Brilliance happens when a vision is brought to life through the formation and execution of a series of original ideas. An entrepreneur turning a passion into a successful business venture. A musician telling a story through a series of metaphoric verses. An artist transforming a blank canvas into a masterpiece, capturing our imagination with each stroke of a brush. Have you ever had the opportunity to share that exact moment with someone, witnessing ... Read more

New Xerox Canada Graphic Communications Case Study: Marquis Books

Xerox Canada has partnered with Marquis Books, one of the largest book printers in North America, to help them become more competitive, more efficient and offer increased services to their clients thanks to the Xerox iGen150. The printing industry today is rapidly evolving and changing, thanks to the growing need for print-on-demand, short-run print jobs and quick turnaround times. Marquis understood that they needed to innovate and adapt to these industry changes to keep their competitive edge. The Xerox iGen150 proved to ... Read more

Here’s How Tech Makes Printing and Transportation Better

\By Catherine Reeves, manager of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Communications for Xerox. The global demand for energy, and the environmental consequences of products used by enterprises and consumers, has elevated market interest in sustainable solutions. Xerox people have been working on environmentally responsible solutions for more than 40 years. For example, Xerox Digital Alternatives helps customers conserve paper by going digital and significantly reduce the associated costs and energy. Take a look: The Xerox Digital Alternatives playlist includes brief videos that teach you ... Read more

Sophie Vandebroek, CTO, Xerox

Christian Grant talks with Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, Xerox's CTO and the President of Xerox's Innovation Group about research, development and about investing $1.5 billion in innovation at the Fortune Brainstorm: Tech conference in Half Moon Bay. Sophie Vandebroek is the chief technology officer of Xerox Corporation and president of the Xerox Innovation Group. She was named to these positions and appointed a vice president of the corporation in Feb. 2006. Dr. Vandebroek is responsible for Xerox's global research labs with a mission to ... Read more

Bought vs. Built Production Software: The Pros and Cons

Typically, research on software investments looks strictly at the number of companies using software and the number of companies considering purchasing software. But in the print industry, that does not tell the whole story because there are a number of companies that use homegrown solutions that they themselves build. In the 2014 InfoTrends U.S. Production Software Investment Outlook 2014, companies were also asked to specify if they bought software from a commercial vendor or if they used a homegrown solution that ... Read more

Solving Problems with Technology Convergence

Social media, mobility, analytics and cloud technologies are transformational catalysts for communication and transactional relationships. They are rapidly becoming staples to the way people communicate both personally and professionally, and therefore carry huge implications for government across a wide range of areas. Creating IT Futures Foundation, the philanthropic arm of CompTIA, recently published the Federal Technology Convergence Report which identifies the potential impact that "converged technologies, social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud (SMAC)” could have on government communication, cooperation, and the ability ... Read more

Xerox Training Videos, Not a Workout But a “Learn Out”

Yes, I am making up expressions, but "Learn Out  seemed like the correct term to describe the Xerox training videos. Several training videos have been posted for some of the Xerox multifunction devices. These videos walk you through many of the features of the machine and can be viewed all at once or a section at a time. The flexibility is great you can watch just one section to answer a pressing question on how to do something like using scan ... Read more

What’s the One Thing Mobile Knowledge Workers Need Most?

Every day brings a new statistic on how many workers don't work in an office anymore. Seems mobile or virtual employees are pushing 40 percent of the workforce, and there are lots of reasons for that. Yes, working on the road or from home means we miss out on the water cooler conversations, the campus camaraderie and the spontaneity of in-person brainstorming. But the advantages of mobile work appeal to both employer and employee. For enterprises, it's about reduced operational expenses, a ... Read more

Two Ideas for Insurance Companies That Customers Will Love

By Valerie Raburn Valerie Raburn is vice president and chief innovation officer for Insurance at Xerox Commercial Solutions. Think you're easy to do business with? Insurance companies have invested tons of money in technological advances: mobile apps, social presence, improved accessibility. These are all very worthy initiatives enabled by technological advances. But have you gotten so wrapped up in technology that you've overlooked other opportunities to improve your core products? Auto insurance, for example, has become so commoditized that even your competitors can quote ... Read more

Now We Know: How People Make Decisions

By Suzette Norris The former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop once remarked, "drugs don't work in patients who don't take them." The failure of patients in the United States to take prescription medicines accounts for about 125,000 deaths annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It also increases the likelihood of disease progression, hospitalizations and emergency room visits. The result: Healthcare costs escalate by an estimated $100 billion to $289 billion each year. Scientists at a PARC laboratory in Webster, ... Read more
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