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We are on the State of Utah Purchasing Contract: Alaska and Utah

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“Why work with a Xerox Authorized Channel Partner? How can we help your business?” Learn More…

The Competitive Edge Office Systems, Inc. was established in July 1994 with the desire to provide Southeast Alaska with the highest quality and most cost effective office equipment. The partnership with Xerox Corporation has given our company the opportunity to provide our customers the best line of office equipment including Xerox machines, Xerox printers, Herman Miller office furniture, and more.

We aim to elevate the business capabilities of our clients with the quality of Xerox document management systems, multi-purpose workstations, Xerox printers like the Xerox Phaser, and other Xerox machines.

Our Promise

At The Competitive Edge Office Systems, Inc, we are dedicated to pleasing you, the customer. We will work hard to earn your business with a variety of quality products at very competitive prices; but more importantly, we will work even harder to keep your business by having a local presence to call on to resolve problems or respond quickly to your needs.